We ensure that our city and region always has the support and involvement of Carchelo in whenever they require it.

We understand social commitment has two aspects: the first is strictly fulfilling all regulations which affect us: fiscal, social, environmental health and so on. The second, no less essential, is the firm commitment of using the business as a tool to serve society. Our involvement and commitment must be continuous.

Therefore, we collaborate financially with non-profit organisations and associations. In our immediate surroundings, Jumilla and in our region, we direct much of our collaboration to youth initiatives, through culture and sports. We consider sports to be an irreplaceable way of learning which instils and develops in children the desire to live a healthy life and boosts such essential personal values as commitment, effort, perseverance, respect for others, discipline and many other values.

We are committed to sustainable development, continuous improvement and the prevention of environmental pollution. We pursue goals and objectives in line with the nature of our activity and aimed at minimising the impact on the environment.