We are heirs of a millenary tradition and we must  take care of it and improve it. Every year we grow with care in our work of growing the vines, elaboration, care and ageing of our wines so that this millenary tradition continues.

Only the silence, the peace, the fragrance of the wine and the wood for ageing  that could be breathe in this winery, together with the beautiful environment at the natural park of the Sierra de El Carche, make your visit worthwhile.

We will talk to you about the vineyards, the land, the vines, the people, the transformation from grapes to wines, their ageing, their bottling and, as not… the divine, about the wine.

We will end up enjoying the result of everything that we have told you before… the wines, our wines, which from then on will be also your wines.

And if you have time enough you could visit Jumilla, simple, humble, hardworking and generous village but nothing lacking in beauty and places to enjoy visiting them; Landscapes, beautiful streets and houses, the Old Town, museums, our almost cathedral main church of Santiago; The castle from where see three hundred sixty degrees of the great extension of the district; Santa Ana mountain and its centenary Franciscan monastery that contains the sculpture of Salzillo “The Christ tied to the column” without which Jumillans could not be the same. You will also be able to check the good, diverse and well-cared-for cuisine offered by a large number of good bars and restaurants.

Delighted to welcome you at this House.



If you want to surprise your friends, spend a different day with your co-workers or have a special detail with your customers, we help you plan a visit based on your liking and needs. We can take care of putting at your disposal transport for that day as well as to book a nice acommodation or a good place to eat. Contact us and tell us what kind of experience you would like to enjoy.

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