RED WINE is our passion.

Many years before Robert Parker would talk about Jumilla as one of the most promising winegrowing areas of the country; even before wines from this area started to stand out in our wine universe as the best in terms of value for money; this brand was already enjoying great success with its wine from the Sierra del Carche. The new Jumilla was created here.,

As with the history of many families of Jumilla, in the last century our family was already transforming the grapes from its vineyards into those wines of yesteryear which were characteristic of this land, full-bodied, intense in colour and with a high degree of alcohol content. Almost three generations later, we have returned to our origins and we are once again doing the same; now with other means and technology. We are once again people of the countryside.

Bodegas Carchelo, S. L., founded in 1990, is in Jumilla (Murcia), at the foot of the Sierra del Carche, protected Regional Park in which the highest peak “Madama” is 1,372 m high. The Mediterranean, together with our inland location on a plateau provides us with a unique climate. An average annual relative humidity of 60%, 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, altitudes which range from 485 m in the town centre to 1,372 m at its highest point and very low rainfall which has not exceeded 20 days of rain annually for years.

In the Spanish Mediterranean, between the provinces of Alicante, Albacete (La Mancha), Granada and Almeria (Andalusia) lies the region of Murcia, and Jumilla is located to the north-east. It is a historically ancient city with an extensive municipal area (1,000 km²) which makes up the highlands of the region of Murcia. It has an average altitude of 600 m. It offers dry and mountainous land, of steppes and pilgrims, where the vineyard historically found a unique habitat for producing grapes of exceptional quality.

Professional ethics, a respect for people and our environment are fundamental in all areas of our activity