We submerged the cages with the sealed bottles at a depth of 40 meters on the Mediterranean coast. There are four factors that make the seabed a perfect place to experiment with the aging and preservation of wine: greater pressure, a constant temperature of 14 degrees, the virtual absence of light, and the gentle, measured movement of the sea currents. In this environment, the evolution of the cages was regularly monitored, and after a year, when the wine was ready, it emerged from the sea as Vinamaris Selected.

Tasting note

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Ripe fruit notes blended with characters acquired by its malolactic fermentation and long ageing in new high-quality french oak barrels. Thanks to its underwater ageing it has acquired salty memories, in addition to a spiced background with creamy and balsamic notes.

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Very lively and deep wine covered with garnet notes and ink.

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Graduation and temperature

14,50 VOL. Between 15ºC and 16ºC

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The underwater ageing has concentrated its elegance, polishing its tannins, giving softeness and at the same time it has preserved its refreshing notes that balance the ripe fruits notes, increasing the sensation silkiness and prolonging its intense finish.

Compra online


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Great combination with red meat, game meat, duck, rabbit, grilled blue fish, etc. Spicy spoon dishes such as fabadas, stews, soupy rice dishes.


Type of wine: Crianza red wine

Grape varieties: Monastrell, Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah. 

Production: 2.325 bottles of 750 cl

Ageing: 18 months in new french oak barrels, 12 months in the bottle on the Mediterranean seabed at a depth of 40 meters, after the bottle ageing at the cellar. 

Soils: Poor in nutrients sandy and partially clayey soils with limestone cover on the surface. 

Vinification: Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation in new 225 liters french oak barrels. 

Award & Points:

 James Suckling: 93 p. 

Guide Peñín: 93 

Guide Civas: 98 p. 

Guide Proensa: 92 p. 

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